At Studio Valere you can request…

Italian translation

From an automobile manual to a clothing brand brochure, your texts need to be appropriately translated in order for them to be understood, accepted, and enjoyed by the Italian audience.

Regardless of the industry, linguistic expertise, cultural mastery are essential. As a native Italian speaker with an adept understanding of the Italian culture and mindset, you can depend on me to deliver your message with high quality contents.

I provide translations from English, French & German into Italian.

Specialising in:

Automobile, mechanical engineering, industrial automation, photovoltaic sector and renewable energy, bicycles and cycling accessories

Business, human resources, advertising, marketing

Fashion, clothing, textiles, beauty, luxury, design

Toys, children’s products

Tourism, architecture, wellness, sport

Environment and sustainability

Graphic products, paper, adhesives, paints

Localisation of websites and software

Translations of keywords and SEO

Italian transcreation

When a too faithful translation would not work, it is possible to draw on advertising copywriting techniques.

Transcreation is a type of translation with a highly creative nature, often involving a complete “rewrite” of the text. The objective is no longer to translate the source text word for word, but to trigger the desired reaction from the recipients.

I can adapt, customise and rewrite texts to communicate your message, your brand values and your product brilliance. This way, you can capture the Italian-speaking market and win potential clients much easier.

I provide transcreation from English, French & German into Italian.

Swiss Italian translations

Italian is one of the official languages of Switzerland. However, Swiss Italian has several peculiarities: specific institution names and laws, official terminology, calques influenced by French and German, and cultural particularities. I check all these aspects carefully when I carry out a Swiss Italian translation.

I provide translations from English, French & German into Swiss Italian.

Italian proofreading

Proofreading is an important step in the content creation process. Much work is wasted if small or big errors are missed. Grammar and spelling are factors to be checked carefully. But you may also need to check terminology, style and meaning.

When I proofread a translation, I always compare it to the original to confirm that the final text is accurate and reads naturally.

I provide proofreading services from English, French & German into Italian.

Post-editing (full and light)

Machine-generated translation doesn’t often produce an acceptable final product.
Apparently, perfect formulations can hide very insidious mistakes. This technological progress still needs careful human control. I can amend your pre-translated texts to make them simply understandable (light postediting) or understandable and stylistically appropriate (full postediting).

Italian sworn translation

A sworn translation in Italy is a public instrument in which a translator certifies that the translated content is true to the original. As a qualified member of AITI, I am authorised to carry out sworn translations at the Court of Milan.

I can provide sworn Italian translations from English, French or German.

Italian copywriting

The right words. Compelling copywriting not only makes you look good, it also speaks to the audience’s emotions and makes you memorable. Using my flair for words, I will create content that best represents your brand, influences your audience, and inspires action.

Italian SEO adaption/translation

I can assist web agencies and SEO specialists with SEO, Google Ads campaigns, keyword research and evaluation. The coveted first page of Google results can also be won with careful use of words. If your SEO strategy has been competently managed, it will be easier to reach potential Italian-speaking customers.

Many clients have used my services repeatedly and have become regular clients.