Technical fields

Italy is a key market for companies wanting to expand their business and export new or existing products.

I can provide translations ranging from your product catalogue to your installation manual, so that they are clearly understood by companies, technicians and end-users.

My 15 years of experience enables me to address even very specific niche markets.





Home appliance



Renewable energies


And the list goes on!

Examples of projects:

Brochure for a photovoltaic manufacturer

European project on safety in the workplace

Press kit for company in the solar sector

Manuals for installation and maintenance of biogas system

Technical specifications for mechanical products


From newsletters to website content, press kits to insurance contracts, I use my experience, extensive training, and the most advanced tools in the language industry to deliver accurate, elegant, and enchanting content to speak to and sway the Italian reader.





Human resources


Social Media

Examples of projects:

Insurance contract

Material for the Human Resources Department of a major multinational company

Sales terms and conditions

Newsletter for an online competition

Fashion and Luxury

With its myriad of materials, extensive industrial and artisanal processes, several loanwords from other languages, and specific terminology, the language of the textile and luxury industry is more complex than you’d think. That’s not even including the personality and linguistic style of each brand.

Based in Milan – one of the fashion and design capitals of the world – and translating every day for these industries, I know this language and the market trends inside out. I also know what your customers are looking for (and what they type when they do searches in Google).

Let me translate your product descriptions or press releases with the native Italian touch needed to secure their success, while ensuring the terminology, the tone and personality of your brand remain intact.

Examples of projects:

Descriptions of clothing items for fashion retail companies (published in their website every day)

Press articles for luxury watch manufacturer

Newsletter for an ethical fashion brand

Social media contents for jewellery brand


Italy represents one of the world’s largest markets in the cosmetics sector. Customers are very demanding: they want to be informed about what they buy and they only trust products that convey quality. Quality that must also emerge from the contents. Relying on Studio Valere, you can be sure to obtain attractive texts without compromising on technical terminology.

Examples of projects:

Catalogue of nail care products

Press releases for hair clipper manufacturer

Web descriptions for women's fragrances

Step by step haircut tutorial

Toys and Children’s Products

The success of your product depends largely on the quality of your translation. I’ve been translating content for children’s products for many years, but since becoming I mum, I can now say that with even more conviction.

Instruction manuals, advertising materials etc. must be clear, compelling and in tune with your audience of young (and adult) users if you want your product to receive a positive reception. I can make that happen.

Examples of projects:

Society games instructions

Description of a baby dish set

Banners for wooden toys website

Tutorials for babywearing wrap slings

Architecture, design

Drawing from my experience and creative expertise, I will make sure your projects resonate with the Italian audience. And even in these areas, I can count on the enormous potential for inspiration and “continuing education” offered by my city, Milan, the “cradle” of modern design and home to world-famous architectural complexes.

Examples of projects:

Internal magazine of an important building products manufacturing brand (2 issues/year)

Catalogue of design lamps and lighting systems

Technical data sheet for external wall insulation systems

Documentation for parquet flooring manufacturer

Tourism, food, drinks

Tourism communication is often not taken as seriously as it should be. As a result, content is often entrusted to non-professional operators or automatic systems, which often leads to major error in menus, signage and holiday brochures.

Don’t let tastes, scents, panoramas and unique experiences become sloppy and flattened texts.

In-depth knowledge of the cultures, captivating style, accurate terminology and careful revision are the ingredients of my recipe for effective touristic texts. Let me cook it for you.

Examples of projects:

Translation of restaurant menus

Catalogue of sugar-free soft drinks

Copywriting for Italian portal for farm and country holidays

Website localisation for a German hotel

Sports and Wellness

When I’m not working, I’m moving. Fitness has always been my passion, which is why I love to translate everything about wellness, outdoor, fitness, lifestyle, and sports equipment. I’m also a fan of healthy eating because I believe the input determines the output.

Just like a nutrient-rich green shake delivers energy, clarity, and motivation, a well-translated document delivers awareness, credibility, and authority.

Using accurate terminology, up-to-date knowledge of market trends, and fluency in specific sports idioms, I will adapt your text to make it align to Italian market expectations, while maintaining the tone and style of your text.

Examples of projects:

Transcreation of social media contents for sportswear brand

Copywriting for Italian sneakers manufacturer

Translation of a bodybuilding supplements catalogue

Translations for gym equipment product descriptions

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