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Italian technical translation

Planning on exporting your goods or introducing your services to Italy?
Do you need to translate manuals or technical documentation into Italian?

The quality of a brand also depends on its technical content. Readability and specific terminology have always to be taken into account.

Let me put my extensive linguistic skills to good use: thanks to over 15 years of experience, I will translate your technical texts with the necessary accuracy. I am familiar with the jargon of the sectors in which I work and never lose sight of the final purpose of the texts or their end readers.

What sets me apart? An honours degree in translation, experience working with numerous companies in close contact with engineers, sales teams and clients and continuing education in my areas of specialisation.


Wondering what I can help with?

Automobile sector

Mechanical engineering

Bicycles and cycling accessories

Industrial automation

Photovoltaic sector and renewable energy

Home appliance

Italian creative translation
(and transcreation)

Have you ever had a dress made to measure? Or tried something that highlights your strengths, capable of capturing attention and making a difference?

For certain types of texts, you need “tailor-made” translations with a high level of creativity.
Because sometimes a literal translation is not enough. Sometimes it could even be a big mistake.

Creative translation and transcreation, which is its most copywriting-oriented form, require imagination and even a bit of courage.

Thanks to my experience in translating content for a highly creative sector such as fashion, I know how best to convey the message, even moving away from the source text.

What elements require creative translation or transcreation?




Sales presentations

Sales letters


Other specialist areas:

Business, human resources, advertising, marketing

Fashion, luxury, textiles

Beauty, cosmetics, hair

Architecture, design

Toys, children’s products

Tourism, food, drinks

Wellness, fitness, sport equipment

Environment and sustainability

Graphic products, paper, adhesives, paints

Localisation of websites and software

Translations of keywords and SEO

How Studio Valere can help your business


Deliver your message in a native, naturally-flowing Italian voice, receive the best possible response from your target audience.


Tailor your marketing materials to the Italian audience, while retaining your message, your brand values and your tone of voice. Heighten your chances of capturing the Italian market.


Ensure that texts and translations are correct (grammar, spelling, terminology and style) and that the meaning is accurately expressed. The final content will be of high quality and ready for publication.

Swiss Italian translation

Accurate translations in Swiss Italian, taking into account helvetisms and official terminology.

Postediting (full and light)

Amend your machine-generated translation so that it is understandable and reads with a native voice.

Sworn translation

Certify that the translated content is as close the original as possible with sworn translations at the Court of Milan.


Enhance your reputation and credibility with captivating copywriting. Because great copy influences and inspires.

SEO adaption – SEO translation

Boost your exposure and make sure you’re easy to find on Google with SEO-oriented translations and content, which ensure you’re using the right keywords in Italian.

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Tailor-made solutions



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I put my “V” in “Valere”

Studio Valere is not an agency. My name is Valeria Mazza and I am a Milan-based freelance translator, specialised in technical and creative translations.

Studio Valere’s mission is to deliver valuable texts and translations to help strengthen your business.

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